We supply products such as: PMS, DPK, AGO and LPFO. The Company is linking a vast number of independent marketers and petroleum product end users around our focused region where a supply gap is emerging due to limited production growth and increasing demand.

We also have strategic alliances with companies within and outside the shores of Nigeria to make these products available to our clients

Other Premium Services We Offer


Storage Facilities

Capitalfield Energy & Allied Services Limited has existing business relationship with several oil & gas companies where we can store our clients’ product.


Exploration & Production

Capitalfield Energy & Allied Services Limited’s exploration activities are planned strategically for the next five (5) years. Strategic partnership is being put in place to make this visible.


Marketing and Transportation

Capitalfield Energy & Allied Services Limited has extensive marketing and transportation operations concentrated covering the major regions of the Nigerian economy.

Get our professional energy experts fulfill your business requirements?

We are a wholly indigenous and well capitalized energy and derivatives company, engaged in integrated commercial activities of the downstream and upstream sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.

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