Into Karen the new omens obtained was actual revelations, in place of that they dare maybe not venture into the long run

Into Karen the new omens obtained was actual revelations, in place of that they dare maybe not venture into the long run

Into the exercising these various forms away from divination the brand new Karen, like many primitive peoples, believe he or she is peering into realm of brand new unseen however, powerful pushes you to definitely take over the latest universe. When they falter in their endeavors despite beneficial omens, they believe that additional strength, opposed to one invoked, have held sway. The concern next gets so you can winnings brand new go for and help of which significantly more influential electricity inside their next campaign.


Among the Polynesians and South Ocean Islanders, therefore as well as one of several Karen some one, particular foods, pets, individuals, towns and cities, days, names, etc., are temporarily otherwise forever blocked under punishment out of good curse falling upon individuals who disregard the tabu. Among the Karen like prohibitions (“ta du ta htu”) are most frequently in the relationships, adultery, births, widows and you can orphans, portents, signs and symptoms of misfortune, crops, specific home-based dogs, the newest “Bgha” feasts, new names out of individuals, large oceans, therefore the event regarding herbs to possess dyestuffs. The latest people’s concern about unpleasant effective comfort and you may and therefore delivering disaster on themselves, was at the root of all, if not all, of them tabus, hence serve to teach the fact that primitive son doesn’t recognize wide beliefs out-of conduct, but utilizes precepts covering certain knowledge in the lifetime. When asked why they do not perform the tabued serves, extremely Karens content themselves to the reply, “Ta t’ ghe ba” (It is not good). The latest observance of them restrictions, which happen to be usually accompanied by specific sacrifices or products, are a point of customized who may have originated from former generations.

It is apparent that every of tabus was associated with the home-based lives plus the occupations of the people

Merely in some instances are they worried about interests extremely tribal. It absolutely was previously brand new custom among Yellow Karen to the mothers from prospective chiefs of group, and for the chiefs on their own, so you’re able to prevent the utilization of grain and liquor.[28-1] The tabu towards dining away from rice because of the these people try difficult to determine; but we understand that Yellow Karen use grain reduced generally than the society of one’s flatlands, yams and other roots constituting a fundamental piece of their diet. The latest idea is made that tabu on alcoholic beverages sipping by the chiefs and their moms and dads, was for the intended purpose of producing the latest clearness out of notice so desirable regarding frontrunners of tribe; however it is truer to declare that they feel one from the ascetic means one may obtain strange powers–maybe phenomenal–both to have on your own otherwise, regarding the chief, having their somebody. When the Reddish Karen chiefs seen their tabus it prospered, but once it neglected her or him it sustained hardship, it is alleged.

Wedding out of an effective Karen that have a guy of some escort in Murfreesboro other competition is actually formerly strictly forbidden. Which exclusiveness left new racial stock absolute and you will unmixed. In recent years the newest prohibition was not carefully enforced. Which, the fresh traps between the Karen on the one hand while the Burmese and Shan on the other had been a bit weak, betokening–it must be admitted–an ethical looseness that has been not familiar ahead of. The brand new town elders usually maintained one to marriage ceremonies outside of the group (“taw leu hko”) were not a good, although such unions have not been lately tabued. e tribe otherwise of the identical community, offering the people concerned are not a lot more directly relevant than simply cousins, are permitted. So you’re able to get married a member of family nearer than simply a sis might possibly be incest, and all of this new tribes restrict instance unions. On the day out of a wedding from inside the a community brand new inhabitants is actually forbidden to labor.

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